Boom boom boom

How Could He?

My best friend texted me last night telling me she had seen my boyfriend out eating dinner with a beautiful girl who wasn’t me. I trust my boyfriend completely, but I asked him about it just to be sure. I was shocked when he admitted that he’s been using Geneva escort agency. He tried to explain to me that it didn’t mean anything and he just wanted a change of pace. He said that I’m beautiful but sometimes he finds our conversation lacking. Is it my fault if he wants to talk about boring things like politics and work and I’m just not interested? I’m a good girlfriend – I’m attractive, I let him take me out for dinner all the time, and I let him spend time with his friends. Apparently that wasn’t good enough for him. I told him that I wanted a change of pace as well, and then I dumped him. Good riddance!

London is one of the best tourist spots in the world

I personally have been going to Edinburgh for quite some time now and I have been able to been a few friends from YouTube. I used to just watch their music videos and I would dream about one day going to London. After my first visit, I realized that I love going to London. Though many people will say that Edinburgh is one of the best tourist spots in the world, I might even add that London just might be a great place to live. When my friend finally took me around, he was showing me the best Edinburgh escorts and how we would take me to them when the time is right. I knew that after he told me about the escorts that I had to go back. After we went around Picadally and did the normal tourist things, I then asked if we can go back to the escorts. The rest is well….history.

Nailed It

I had been looking for a job just about non-stop for an entire month, I had lost my job due to being tardy all of the time. My day would consist of turning resumes in person and searching many websites online.

I was checking my email and a job fair was being held for a warehouse position that I was very interested in. It was close to home, the salary was perfect and I was qualified to work out on the dock area to unload the trucks coming in.

Monday I finally got the call for an interview and I nailed the job with my first interview. I felt so good and I wanted to go out and celebrate my new position by having a couple of drinks. Of course, I had to make sure that I had a Durham escorts companion at my side.

Making New Plans

A few of my girlfriends and I went clubbing last night and were given the awesome opportunity to meet up with some gorgeous men from London escorts. They were very entertaining and most definitely gave all of us girls the time of our lives. We went to a couple different clubs and pretty much over stayed our welcome at everyone. It was the first time in years that we have all been out together, so it was an amazing time. To keep the friendship going between us all we are going to start doing this at least once a month. Usually we get to caught up in work and family to make plans, so if they are already made we won’t have that problem. I only hope the plans stay in place as I miss my girls more than anything.

Happy New Year

For New Years Eve, I sent the entire night at a well-traveled hotel in the downtown area. I arrived at the facility at about noon and people were already partying in the lobby. After I checked in, I took all of my luggage to the elevator and went up the 8th floor to find my room.

The Bath escorts companions introduced themselves to me as I was using the key to get into my room. They were staying right across from me. I knew that it was going to be a long night. I ended up hanging out with one of the sleek and sexy companions later that night by the pool side bar. She told me that she was available to stay in my room with me for the entire night. Happy New Year!

A False Hope

I cannot wait until this spring is over with. I was given a two week vacation by my boss and I am growing very impatient to get up and go! I am going to Hawaii and am bring my fuck buddy along for the ride. I did not want to go alone so I figured I would bring the closest person to a girlfriend that I could think of. I am just hoping that this whole trip will not give her false hopes of a relationship. It is not that I don’t want a woman to be with me everyday, it is just that I do not want a woman to ruin my dreams of traveling around the world. Stress and drama could kill it all very quickly in my eyes.

Easy Money

I was amazed to see all of the adult webcams and sites that are offered on the world wide web. A friend of mine had told me how she was making a great income at home by creating her own adult website. She had explained how it took very little money and the hardest part was creating the perfect website and to keep the traffic coming in on a regular basis. I kinda laughed at her and thought she was losing it!

I am not laughing at her anymore, last year alone she had made almost 30,000 just from home and on her own time. She is getting financially stable enough to where she has her house almost completely paid off and is going to quite her day job. She plans on continuing with her website for as long as she can and just keep banking in on the money.

First Time For Everything

I babysat for my sister last night for the first time ever and surprisingly had a decent time with the kids. Her oldest, Sarah is eleven and her youngest, Devan is almost four. I ended up taking them for ice cream and a late movie before I put them to bed. Devan wasn’t to thrilled about the movie I picked out but ended up coming around about half way through. At the theater I ran into an old buddy from Amsterdam escorts and we ended up joining him and his kids for the rest of the film. When the movie was over and it was time for bed both kids were a little against me. I guess they weren’t prepared to spend the night in a strange home and I paid the price for it. I heard a lot of crying and a lot more yelling at me for their parents going away for the evening.